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Required Outfit:

Gown should be revealing, yet tasteful. Gown should complement, highlight, and showcase feminine musculature at its best. At least one arm and one shoulder must be fully exposed. At least one leg must be exposed/showcased (most commonly through slit). Minimum 50% of back must be exposed. Gown must be a one-piece (Skirt bottom with top not permitted). Gown must extend to the ankles or lower. Maximum 6 inch train.


No costumes or props at anytime. Stones are optional, not required. Jewelry and hair ornaments are allowed at pre-judging and Finals.


Presentation, including make-up and hair, is judged. Clear Competition heels.


Poses are almost identical to standard bikini poses just with wearing a evening gown.

Group Comparisons:

Each class is brought out to front center stage as a group and guided through quarter turns to display their physique from all sides.

Individual Presentation:

Competitors walk out to music of their choice and perform a “T” walk (amateurs are allowed up to 60 seconds while Pros are allowed up to 90 seconds). Or for larger shows BOX walk only

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