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• The USBF exclusively uses the top lab in the country (SMRTL) which tests for all performance enhancing “drugs” on the USBF Prohibited List.

• All athletes must be drug-free and compliant with the USBF Anti-Doping Code. 

• All testing will be carried out on site or at an approved designated site in accordance with our Drug Testing Custody and Control Form Collection Policy and Procedures.

• Lab results for specimens collected will be provided to athletes.

•Failure to submit a urine specimen is an automatic failure, and results in lifetime suspension.

• All athletes subject to testing in competition as well as out of competition. 
• If an athlete tests positive for a banned substance they will be suspended from competing for a minimum of one year up to a lifetime ban based on the severity and quantities/levels of banned substance or substances detected. The athletes name, test results & suspension length will be posted on our website as well as our social media platforms.
• Any athlete that produces an Adverse Analytical Finding (Positive Test Result) faces immediate suspension beginning the date of the positive test.  Results Management will officially begin.  The athlete will be notified in writing of the Adverse Analytical Finding, and the Confidential Test Report will be provided from the lab.  The athlete has the right to appeal the decision in writing within 10 business days, and pay the total cost of the “B” sample testing.  However, the suspension remains in effect until either the “B” sample confirms or refutes the findings.  Once a final ruling is made by our committee, then there is no second appeal.
• It is your responsibility to be aware of the substances that are on the prohibited list. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Click below to download the banned substance list

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