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A fit physique with muscular development and leanness is encouraged for the Classic Figure division. Overly bulky and / or striated muscles will be marked down as will an overly soft physique. The objective is to showcase a toned physique, overall symmetry with proportion, femininity and poise. A decorative one-piece suit is required for this division.
Group Comparisons:
Each class is brought out to front center stage as a group and guided through quarter turns to display their physique from all sides.

  • Front Relaxed Pose – Same as standard figure

  • Side Quarter Turn is presented as a stage stance position

  • ​Rear Quarter Turn – Same as standard figure. Competitor should move hair as not to block the judges view of the competitor’s back. Failure to move hair may result in lower scoring.

Individual Presentation:

Competitors walk out to music and perform a “T” walk. A T-walk consists of walking out to rear center stage and pausing briefly in a pose of choice.

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